Geneviève Beninger



The Artist in 2007

"When I paint, I strive to capture the energy of a scene rather than what we would expect to see with our eyes. I have strong emotions attached to the places and subjects that I paint. It's these feelings that I strive to depict through colour and movement of line."

- Geneviève Beninger

About the Artist

Geneviève Beninger is an emerging artist who uniquely interprets the wild brilliance of West Coast scenes through her vibrant colour palette and expressive brushwork.

Aloft in the South Pacific, 1980's A Canadian artist born in St. Jean sur Richelieu, Québec, her family moved to British Columbia when she was very young. She spent her youth working and sailing on tall ships built by her father, traveling extensively, and ultimately survived a sinking at sea. Her early exposure to life at sea and the coastal wilderness of Canada and abroad gave her a rich palette from which to draw her inspiration.

In 2006, Geneviève began making time to paint and joined the Studio30 Art Group. She sold all but one of her paintings in her first show, and began taking modest commissions for her artwork.

Now, using the beauty of her surroundings as her inspiration, she continues to paint out of her studio in rural Metchosin "using colours of emotion, rather than sight."

Geneviève is also writing a book, developing original songs, and enjoys family, photography, team sports, working with animals, and building things out of wood.

She has a diploma in Visual Arts, a certificate in Digital Art & Design and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Digital Technologies Management.

Awards include the Governor General Award for Academic Excellence, and The Royal Roads University Founder's Award for Leadership, Sustainability and Personal Development.


"So often, life interrupts art. Finding a way back to it is like finding a way back to sight."

- Geneviève Beninger