Geneviève Beninger



Genie Red Hat (2000)

"How strange and wonderful is it to be the subject of a portrait, and suddenly see yourself as a work of art. Isn't that how we should always see ourselves?"

- Geneviève Beninger

Beagle Pup Resting (2005)

Cloudy Watercolour (2000)



Updated December 7, 2008

Statia Pup (2008)Geneviève also does commissioned portraits. You can see an example of the progressive steps below.

She first meets with the subject in order to get a sense of the personality she will be capturing. Photographic studies taken during sittings with the artist are also used to build the final composition.

Commissioned works generally take 1-3 months depending on the schedule of the artist and the complexity of the subject(s).

Pricing information on commissioning a portrait for your collection can be found on the Pricing page.

Detail Detail Detail
Portrait Sketch Portrait Background Cont'd Portrait Figure